Beautiful shawl, free crochet patterns

Beautiful shawl, free crochet patterns
Dimensions: 65 cm x 130 cm apart from the lacy edge.

You will need: Yarn 100% LINO beige - 4 coils, a hook № 4,5.

1. Pattern on pattern A.
The density of knitting - b p. X 3 = Rapport 10 x 10 cm after stripping.

2. Lace pattern on pattern B.

Description of work.
Link chain of 5 EP, knit pattern on pattern A. Link 40 p., To build thread.

Completion of work.
2 tie lace edge of her shawl. 1st rapport in the first row of the scheme to tie in a loop s end and the beginning of each series circuit A. In the 1st series of 39 repeats bind to one end, 3 of rapport in a second series circuit A, 39 repeats on the other side.
In the end, on both sides must be 15 arches, arches in the early half and half at the end of the arch. Lock the thread.
Узор  А

Узор B