Felty Christmas Tree for kids

Felty Christmas Tree!


I couldn't resist popping in today to share this little tree decoration we made with you all.

This morning, Little Bean woke up full of cold, coughing and spluttering so nursery was cancelled.  Dosed up with Calpol, the temperature subsided, and energy levels seemed to return to normal!!  Quickly bored, I decided that we ought to make the most of the wild squally weather and make something festive (I know, I know, it's only November...)  Anyway!!! We came up with this, I have seen something similar in shops, and wondered if we could make our own with a stash of gorgeous thick felt (purchased last year from the delightful Blooming Felt - highly recommended for great quality felt goodies and smashing customer service).

(the stash)

SO! Without further ado, Little Helper was settled at the table and drew a template from a ramekin on a piece of card.

Grown up Helper then proceeded to cut a circle out, drawing around it onto the felt, before slightly decreasing the size of the cardboard circle and continuing...I probably should have used a compass for a perfect circle, but we went freehand, and to be honest, I kind of like the wobbly hand made effect it gives!!!

(drawing ever decreasing circle templates...)

After a while of drawing and cutting, we had a suitable pile of felt discs that made a rough Christmas tree shape.  Oh, and we also cut out a star for the top.

Next thing we needed was a little stumpy trunk for the base of the tree.  We did this by cutting a long slim rectangle of pale fawn felt, rolling it up and sewing the edge to the main part of the roll...

After securing the sewn edge with a knot, I then neatly weedled the needle through the 'trunk' popping it out at the opposite end in the centre.  This is where we would begin to join our discs.

Between sniffles, the Little Bean had a fabulous time with a blunt needle, sewing through the dots I'd drawn onto the felt to help her.  She was most excited to be using a Big Persons Needle for the very first time, and I must say, she did an excellent job!

I finished the tree off by sewing up through the star - this felt is very thick so it was easy to do this, I then made a small knot to secure and left a length of cotton so we could hang our tree up!

Source: http://juliacrossland.blogspot.com/2010/11/oh-felty-christmas-tree.html