Halloween food gifts: attack of the zombie marshmallows!!!

Halloween food gifts:  attack of the zombie marshmallows!!!
First we had ghosts. Then we had skeletons. And now....
 Just like their predecessors, these are super-easy to make.

how to make zombie marshmallow pops

you will need:*
lollipop sticks
large confetti sprinkles
black and red food coloring pens
light corn syrup

*Find the sprinkles and lollipop sticks in the craft store. You can probably find food coloring pens there, too, but I preferAmericolor Gourmet Writers.

what to do:
Lay a marshmallow on its side. Put a dab of corn syrup on the back of a confetti sprinkle with the toothpick and stick on the marshmallows where you want eyes (note some of my zombies only have one eye). Use the markers to draw dots, "x"s, mouths, eyes, blood, whatever you want. Insert a lollipop stick (if you want, see below without stick). You may need to let the corn syrup dry for a couple hours to get the sprinkles to adhere securely.