Going dotty again

Remember a while back I showed you mysterious little piles of fabric? Well, now I can tell you what I was up to.

dotty cuffs
I made a few dotty cuffs for some sweet far-away friends.

dotty cuff g closeup

dotty cuff s closeup
It was lovely thinking about them with every little wonky stitch.

dotty cuff m closeup

dotty cuff a closeup

dotty cuff backs
It was fun to plunge into my collection of fabric scraps, mostly lovely Liberty Tana Lawn.

dotty cuffs2

dotty cuff_Sonia

dotty cuff_margie

dotty cuff_Arounna

dotty cuff_Geninne
I really enjoy this kind of hand-stitching. So relaxing. Quite a bit like knitting, actually.

Wouldn't it be nice to embellish the hem of a skirt or coat with this type of appliqué? One day I might even try my hand at creating a more ambitious Alabama Chanin-style garment. But first I have a ton of knitting to catch up on. To my delighted surprise, the Bookhou knits have been selling well, and I need to send more to Arounna. I guess I'm not the only one who feels the need to bundle up. Brrr... it's getting cold around here!

Hope you stay warm, wherever you are.