Crafts for parties: Napkin Folding: Dressing Up the Holiday Table


Napkin Folding: Dressing Up the Holiday Table

Centerpieces are great for adding a festive touch to your holiday table, but why not try some fun napkin folds as a way to make each guest feel like their place setting is extra special?

Here are two really simple napkin folds for you to try, the Fleur-de-Lis, and the Silver Buffet:


For this one, begin with your square napkin unfolded (press it for a really polished look).

Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner to form a triangle.

Then bring the two side corners up to the top corner so that you have a square again.

Bring the bottom corner up part way so that there is an inch or so of space between it and the top corner.

Then fold the bottom corner down so there is a little triangular tab hanging down.

Tuck the side flaps towards the back.

And pull the "rabbit ears" at the top down and to the side, and you have your fleur de lis (I think it could also pass as an ear of corn on your thanksgiving tablescape).

Silver Buffet

This one is very simple, and creates a nice pocket to put the silverware in.  Start with your square napkin unfolded.

Fold in half from the bottom two corners up to the top two corners to form a rectangle (hot dog style!).

Fold in half again to form a square (hamburger style!) and rotate it so that the open corners are pointing up.

Roll the top two corners down to the halfway point.

Then just tuck the two side corners behind the whole thing, and you have your silver buffet pouch.

Slide a set of silverware in, and place it on top of the plate, next to it, or in true buffet fashion, in the center of the table.