Wool Felt Heart Pincushions for kids

Sewing patterns and tutorial


Wool Felt Heart Pincushions

I have had this tie-on pincushion instructions from the All People Quilt website for a few months and have been itching to make test it out.  So since I am recuping from surgery on my neck, I decided to make a few.

You know I have issues when it comes to following directions, so I took off in my own direction!  I did use the pattern as a guide in creating two really cute pincushions.  The pattern is really easy and easy to follow (if I had chosen to do that of course!).  I made my flowers a bit different and put those tiny yellow buttons (they are doll clothes buttons) in the centers. 
The hearts are blanket stitched together…see the purple one, that is a reverse blanket stitch (not even sure there is such a thing, but I did it!).  I had to look at the directions to find out how to do a real blanket stitch.  Guess I don’t do much embroidery!
They both turned out so cute!  The hearts are just 3 inches high, so just a bit longer than the extra long pins I use.
I followed the directions to sew the ribbon on, except, of course, I didn’t use the felt that it called for, but I used grosgrain ribbon.  Looks great either way, but I didn’t have enough length of the felted wool that I had chosen. 
So, anyway, another craft off the to make list.  I have been doing a lot of looking on Pinterest lately, so I am always finding more stuff to make!  Come check me outthere if you want!  I am still trying to organize and figure it all out, but it is a lot of fun!
Source: ellenscreativepassage.blogspot.com