Sewing for kids: Ruffle Bum Onesie tutorial

Baby Gift: Ruffle Bum Onesie

Ruffle Bum Onesie with Matching Ruffle Flower Collar!:
Aw, my niece will look so cute in this!!!
What you'll need:
1. Fabric of your choice. 2. Scissors. 3. A Sewing Machine...but if you don't have one - a needle & thread. 4. A onesie or whatever you'd like to do this to. 5. Beads/ Buttons (not pictured.)
Cut a couple strips of fabric. Since I was using broadcloth I ripped a couple strips off. I like the frayed edge. But really it's all about preference.
You'll begin the "ruffle," by weaving the needle in and out of the middle of the fabric strip. If you have a sewing machine...I hope you know how to accomplish this.
Keep going until you'll hit the end of the fabric strip. Push it all the way down to the end of the thread so it bunches nicely and you'll be left with a ruffle strip.
Like these:
I decided to go with three ruffles. But really it's up to you.
Begin sewing the ruffle strips to the onesie. This was REALLY tedious - making sure I was staying on a somewhat straight line...doing it all by hand. But eventually you'll finish with the first ruffle and move onto the second one...
And you'll repeat the process a third time...
This is where I was really wishing I had a sewing machine...
Finished ruffle bum:
Now - onto the collar:
Cut a smaller strip of fabric, except cut the strips to about 6" long. And then begin the weaving again...
Eventually you'll be left with half circles - like this:
These half-circles are easily placed into a circle. I put a couple stitches through the middle to make sure it kept the circle/ flower shape. Then I began sewing them onto the collar:
Once all three were attached I decided they needed something more. Except I could only find two of the same color buttons in everything I had. So beads it was:
I just sewed three clear beads to the middle to give them more of a "flower" look.
Like this:
The finished product: