Halloween crafts for kids: 5-Minute Pumpkins tutorial

5-Minute Pumpkins

Make your own velvet pumpkins in minutes - the kids can definitely do this one.

Make mini pumpkins too.
To make these you will need: a square piece of orange velvet (the bigger the square, the bigger the pumpkin), a 3 to 4-inch stick, stuffing and two rubber bands (one thin, one thick).
I like to use a crooked stick - it adds character.
Fold your square in half - right sides in - and sew closed on one side.
Place stick inside of top opening and secure with a thick rubber band.
Most of the stick should be inside of the velvet - as this will be your pumpkin's stem.
Turn inside out.
Fill with stuffing. Be sure to push the stuffing up so it surrounds the stem and gives your pumpkin a good shape. Once you have the size you want, secure tightly with a thin rubber band.
Trim the end and push it up into the pumpkin. To make this work best, I created a cavity in the stuffing so the knot would rest up inside of the pumpkin when sitting on a flat surface.
I made a tray of these pumpkins while my kids were at school yesterday - they noticed them right when they walked in the door.