Hair accessories: Tea Time Rose Hair Pin tutorial

 Hair accessories:  Tea Time Rose Hair Pin tutorial

I love this hair pin, so sweet.

Fit for tea time, no?

Or maybe stopping to smell the flowers…

or the blue spruces…whatever suits your fancy.

One things for sure, it will surely upgrade any ponytail.
You have no doubt seen these everywhere, they are so easy to make.  I can’t believe it took me so long to whip one up.  And so so inexpensive!  I used silk because I wanted it to have a “going to church”  or “meeting the Queen”  look, but since I only needed a little strip it still only cost me $2 for the fabric, and that gave me four hairpins.  I bought the feathers in a little bag at the craft store along with the clips, each really inexpensive.  Shall we get started?  Yes let’s…

Rose and Feather Hair Clip Tutorial

  • fabric at least 25 inches long and 1½ inches wide for one flower
  • feathers
  • hair clip,
  • hot glue gun
The bigger flowers I made were made with 32″ x  1½” pieces of silk, but for the smaller flower that my little one is using I used a 24 inch long piece.

Start by folding the strip of fabric in half.  For the flower shown I folded the shiny side in.  Then tie a knot at the end.  Then glue the end over to the side with the hot glue gun.

Now run a thin strip of glue around one side.

Working fast, twist the strip and pull around the hot glue.  You can do it as loose or as tight as you want.  I did mine pretty loose.  Now just continue around the circle, working on a about 1 inch at a time. When you reach the last inch, just fold it under to the bottom and glue.

Now we have a rose.  If you notice, I let my twists get a little bigger as I went.

From a piece of scrap fabric cut a circle just smaller than the flower then drizzle hot glue on the back…

And press the piece on.

Depending on what hair clip you decide to use, you may need to add a little fabric.  For this kind, I would.  Just cut out a piece of scrap fabric the same size as the clip wrapped around.

Using hot glue, open the clip and glue the fabric to the inside…

turn over and add more glue then fold fabric over, and then again to get the little piece covered on top.

It should look like this.  I trimmed up my edges a bit.

Now take a feather and glue to the underside.

Then glue on your clip with the pointed end facing the feather.  Hold it for a minute to set.

Now your finished!  So easy.

And so cute!