Easy crafts for parties: Pattern for Yogurt Bottle Cozy

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The bottom and the neck of the bottle are both slightly smaller than the body. The cozy are started from the bottom and finished at the neck.
Two plies of threads are used at the same time for the “textural” look. For round 1, 2, 4, 6, it’s the white thread with the light blue thread and for the others, it’s the light blue thread with shaded blue thread. A crochet hook of 3.25mm is used.
R1: 36 chains and join. (the circle should be just the size of the bottom. Make multiple of 3 (say 3n) chains if the bottle is in a different size.)

R2: Ch 3, dc in next ch, 2 dc in the same ch; [ch4, skip the next 3 ch, dc in the next ch, dc, 2 dc in the same ch]x5 (or n-1) times, ch 4, join
R3, 5: Ch 7, skip the 4dc’s in previous round, [dc 4, ch4, skip the 4dc's]x5(or n-1) times, dc 3, join
R4: Ch 3, dc 3, [skip the 4dc's in previous round, dc 4, ch4]x5 (or n-1) times, join
R6: Ch 2, hdc 3, [ch 3, hdc 4] x 5 (or n-1) times, ch 3, join
R7: Ch 5, [hdc 3, ch3] x 5 (or n-1) times, hdc 2, join and fasten.
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