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Plastic zipper bag to shower caddy

Why buy a travel shower caddy when you can make one using two things you already have in about 10 minutes?  I made this for my husband because it drives him crazy when we visit my family and we share a bathroom with my sisters... and they only have lady- scented body wash.  Haha.  So now he can easily bring his manly soap and whatever other masculine things he needs to be comfortable in a girly bathroom right into shower.  My man can smell like a man even on vacation.

You can make this super fast and easy project too!  All you need is a plastic zippered bag (the kind sheets, curtains, pillowcases, etc. come in),

and a hanger you don't need any more.  Any of these types of hangers would work.  The bottom three are baby hangers. 

I settled on the dry cleaning hanger (with cardboard tube removed) because I could bend the metal without using tools to get the shape I wanted.  Easy button easy!

 Next decide if you want to keep the little plastic hanger that is attached to the bag already.  If you don't cut it off.  I decided to keep it because it increased the number of options for hanging.  And I am a girl who likes options.

Next, I laid the hanger on top of the sideways bag to figure out where I would need to punch a hole for the top of the hanger to come through.  I marked that with pen, and used a hole punch to make the hole.  I was going to use a grommet, but I didn't have one that was big enough.  Oh well, that's ok, because it would have added at least 5 minutes to the project, and I promised a 10 minute project!  You may want to punch a couple of other holes if you think water will need to drain from your bag.

Secure the hanger in the bag so it doesn't slip.  You can do this any way you want; I used hot glue- just be careful because hot glue melts plastic a bit, so whatever you do will be permanent!

I promised options!  Try hanging it on the shower curtain rod... (That is my stuff in there, not my husband's...)

Or around the shower head...

Hang it on an existing shower organizer...

Use the little hanger if you want...

So many possibilities!  Jazz it up a bit with cute fabric, or by sewing dividers in so there is a little more organization.  Or let your kids decorate it with permanent markers.  It only took 10 minutes to make, so any extra time you put into it can be justified!