Recycling plastic: Flores Recicladas - Upcycled Flowers

It's spring! And while everything is flooded with flowers you intend to perform your reusing plastic bottles, chopsticks and buttons.

Recycling plastic: Flores Recicladas - Upcycled Flowers 

These recycled plastic flowers are ideal for decorating a nursery. The can put in the basket of stuffed animals or a glass jar with a pretty ribbon around the edge. 

Recycled Plastic Flowers Tutorial:

1, Cut the plastic bottle by leaving 10 cm base to work comfortably.
2 º Draw the flower with permanent marker.
3 º Cut the line. Cleanse alcohol brands with a little edge lijad not to cut.
4 º to paint flowers on the inside with pink acrylic.
5 º Paint with acrylic green chopsticks. 
6 º Pegad buttons and sticks to flowers.

If you do not have green buttons you can use any other color. Lijarlos Just a bit with fine sandpaper and then painted the same color as the sticks.

Enjoy them! And think that if we recycle more enjoy of spring.