Paper Party Decorations: Accordian Folded Starbursts & Medallions, For The Succah Or Anytime!

Paper Party Decorations; Accordian Stars + Medallions For Succah
Paper Party Decorations:  Accordian Folded Starbursts & Medallions, For The Succah Or Anytime!
Paper craft tutorial
What can I say? These are really quite simple to make and yet so stunning, hung flat on a wall or from the ceiling. You can glue two back to back for a more dimensional hanging ornament, and even use really large paper for wall decorations that will not only look amazing as space fillers, but  will certainly require less effort on your part! It takes the same amount of time to make a large medallion as it does a small one, so give it some thought.
You'll Need:
  • paper, color, weight and size according to your needs, these were made with A4 laser paper.

  • needle and thread, or if you're lucky to own a very long armed stapler, that could work too!

  • 2" scalloped craft punch and tiny flower punch

  • a regular stapler or high tack glue, or double stick tape

How To:
  1. For the yellow and blue startbursts, I used an entire A4 sheet of laser paper, and folded the sheet accordian style, with small folds about 1/2" to 5/8" deep. For the small medallions, I used half of an A4 sheet, divided down the middle lengthwise. You'll need a much longer rectangular piece of paper for the medallions, than the star bursts, since cutting the star tips or petal shapes allows you to stretch the paper in a circle more easily. You'll see what I mean when you try it!

  2. If you look closely you'll see that my starbursts aren't perfect since I just winged it. But if you'd like yours to be, or are making quite a few, then work out the exact number of folds (and the fold size) you'll need for the desired effect, and copy that each time with identically sized pieces of paper.

  3. Secure the layers to one another in the middle, either by sewing a line across the width, as I did, with a needle and thread, or if your stapler is long enough, and your shape small enough, you may be able to staple the middle together. You can also poke a few holes with a needle and use thin wire or string. A diagram is coming, here, shortly......

  4. Cut your star points/petals by cutting a half petal shape off each end of the accordian, cutting a straight diagonal line for more star like results, and a curved line for more flower-like results

  5. Open star or medallion and secure on each side with staples, glue, hot glue, or double stick tape. If you use glue, have some clothes pins or paper clips on hand to secure the edges while they are drying.

  6. Cover the center with a scalloped circle, or any shape really, and embellish with small punched flowers.

  7. Hang individually on the wall, or glue two together back to back for hanging from the ceiling.

  8. Make a bunch in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and patterns, and hang them at staggered lengths for the most pleasing results. Enjoy!

  9. This idea can also be used with fabric, as seen on, though it's not an original idea, but rather hundreds of years old I think....To use fabric you'll need spray starch, and you follow the above instructions while spraying and ironing each fold as you fold the rectangle.....could be gorgeous with elegant fabrics, I'm hoping to try it myself if I can find some spray starch, it's not so common in my part of the world!