Crafty jewelry: beaded necklace tutorial, Jewelry making

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Crafty jewelry: beaded necklace tutorial, Jewelry making

2. sheathe Rivoli - to collect 36 beads Delica white opal on dual monofilament, pass the needle into the loop, return to the ring, pull and sew the next row mosaic Delica amethyst color, and then pass mosaic beads 15 in size, delaying monofilament denticles covering the stone - glass beads 15 size, tight drag out - turns out almost flat ring. 3. Shrinks back of the braid - flash 15 mosaics range in size, delaying the monofilament, to put the stone again and flash the size of 15.A number of pull. To rock was taller and stood on the earrings, adding to the finished braid has 2 rows of amethyst-colored Delica, remove the last number of beads the size of 15. On the first row you added flash ndebelnyh 16 pairs of beads 15 size. Ndebele flash 3 rows of range of 4. Further, that there was no constriction between the lobes of monofilament Ndebele, sew them separately. 4 pairs of beads in the petal, close one Biserko, then - on 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 8 pairs of the Ndebele in the petals and reverse order - 8, 7 ... 5. Between beads, closing ndebelnye petals, put bicones. On the seventh pass lateral lobe and the central Biserka, 8 and 9 in the center, on the tenth - the top and side Biserka. 6. bicones pass through, put them between Delica white opal. 7. As an added Biserka teeth flashing a beaded Delica. 8 . Turn around and pulls teeth, passing through the two side Biserka, bypassing the bottom and top. Monofilament lead and zapetlyat in the petals. Trim 9. Needle inserted between the bead braiding to push the beads and insert the pin with a ring. 10. The ring will not allow to rotate relative to shvenzy earring. To put the pin in 2 Biserka bicones and fold ring. shvenzu Dress - earring is ready. 11.
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In the pendant Rivoli 18 mm In order to oplesti his teeth shall find with 48 beads, all sewn on as a earring, but the teeth are not printed in 2-pass beads size 15, and 3. As an added sheath around a stone (as in the earrings) series, we collect 22 pairs of Ndebele beadwork and sewing size 15 3 rows in a circle. ndebelnye Then the petals are sewn separately. In the first petal of 5 pairs of beads, a close Biserko, down to the bottom, go to the next petal - 6 pairs of beads, on the petals of 7 , 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 9, 10, 12 pairs and in reverse order - 12, 10 ... Then it all as a earring. The center of the hem of the loop for 2 Biserka Ndebele, put Biserko, bicones, Biserko.Dial low size 15 beads and bead Indicate bicones Delica. In a short segment of 38 beads in a long 114. The total length of chain 52 cm in the calculation is valid only for the Japanese beads.Colors can be arbitrary, but in my opinion, the best fit "metallic" colors - gold, silver, light or dark. Bicones must be same color as the Rivoli, and ottdelochnaya (in my case, "amethyst") Delica match the color of the stone.

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