New specs, new knit

So yesterday I had a mini misadventure. I got a flat tire while biking to work. This caused me to break abruptly which sent my glasses flying off my face and onto the pavement. So now I not only had a flatty, but I had broken specs too. Harumph!

After dropping off my bike at the bike shop (yes, I should know how to fix a flat, but mechanical stuff is NOT my forte) I popped by my local optometrist and picked out a new pair of "lunettes". Less than 24 hours later, voilĂ !

new glasses
Yay! I'm really quite fond of them. Lemons into lemonade, I suppose.

I also thought it would be a good opportunity to show you my latest sample knit for Hannah.

Lightweight pullover
Unfortunately most of the snaps didn't turn out, these were the best in the bunch. And now the sweater is all packaged up and ready to go. I don't think I could bear putting an angora and alpaca turtleneck back on in this heat! Oh well. Deets here.

You'll eventually get to see another version of this lovely design. I enjoyed knitting the Lightweight Pullover so much that I cast one on for myself.
Stay tuned...