I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've been back from my trip to Hawaii! I've been "out of time" ever since, getting over jet-lag, catching up at work, and soaking up all the tender leafy newness of spring here in Canada.

I'm just now going through my trip photos, and wanted to share with you a few colourful moments.

Hawaii is easily one of the most beautiful, amazing places I've ever been to. I could go on and on about Hawaii's intoxicating warm breezes, juicy fruit, eye-popping land and seascapes, gentle people... But I'd rather show you instead. During my very busy 8 days on Oahu, I:

took in the ocean view,
chinese hat oahu

supported the local farmer's market,
Farmer's market Honolulu

started each morning with a gigantic bowl of fruit,
morning fruit Hawaii

visited a truly magical botanical garden in Waimea Valley (more photos to come),
Trees Waimea Valley

marveled at the abundance of tropical flowers,
Flowers Hawaii 16

contemplated the Buddha at a Japanese temple,
Japanese temple buddha

rung a temple bell for good luck,
Temple bell

swam under the famous "Lost" waterfall,
Lost waterfall

watched with awe as the pros surfed,
North Shore surfing

crossed off one of my bucket list items by learning to surf myself, and successfully catching several big (to me) North Shore waves,
Surfing in Hawaii

indulged in some post-surfing replenishment,
Shave Ice

and hung out with some sweet, generous, loving peeps.
La famille Hawaii 2

Mahalo maman et papa pour un voyage inoubliable!