Sweet mailbox, part 1

I've been really under the weather these past few days (nothing serious, but sadly, too sick to knit). The mailman has done his best to pick me up with a few cheery parcels.

Herriot grace 1
First, a pretty thing I ordered from the lovely and talented Nikole. Everything she does is impeccable. I may have a bit of a girl-crush on her.

Herriot grace 3
I love every single thing in her online shop, Herriott Grace.

Herriot grace 2
This grey linen tea towel features feathers drawn by The Wild Unknown.

Herriot grace 4

Another thing that has cheered me up are the lovely comments that you've been leaving about my latest knitting projects. I wish Blogger allowed me to reply to you individually. Thank you for being so sweet.

Ok, back to bed. I'll show you the rest when I'm up to taking more pictures...