Frozen Herrin

Frozen herrin in the snow

My new hat is ready, just in time for a new delivery of snow (thanks Margie). The thick fabric of stranded colour work will be perfect for those long cold night cross-country skis I'm so fond of.

Frozen herrin finished

Pattern: Caller Herrin, by the stellar Kate Davies. I've re-baptized it "Frozen Herrin", because according to Kate, "caller" means fresh, but my hat is meant for the deep freeze of a Canadian winter.
Yarn: Alice Starmore Hebridean 2-ply, Selkie, Pebble Beach, Solan Goose, Shearwater, Kittiwake, Summer Tide, less than 1 skein of each. I also used a tiny amount of stashed angora for the inside band.
Needles: 3mm
Mods: I knit it exactly as written. Why mess with perfection?

Kate is a brilliant designer, writer, and warrior. Every stitch of this pretty thing was a joy to knit.

Frozen Herrin

Frozen herrin inside
A soft, warm attached angora lining really gives it a professional-looking finish.

Herrin inside yummyness

Herrin brim
I-cord edging. Sure, it's fiddly to do, but it's such a pretty, hard-wearing and tidy way to brim a hat.

Herrin crown decreases
See how elegantly the design merges together in the crown decreases.

After work, I'm going for a quick ski to test my new hat out, and then I'm headed to see one of my favourite bands, Karkwa. I haven't seen a good old fashioned rock concert in so long, I can't wait! Hope the cool hipsters ignore my hat-hair.