A perfectly rainy Saturday

It's nice to finally reach the weekend, after my first week back at work.

Soft rain gives me the perfect excuse to stay indoors, listen to Cocteau Twins, and do gentle things such as:

Old buttons 1
Sort antique mother-of-pearl buttons.

Le grenier
I bought a jar full of them at a charming antiques store in Brooklyn called Le Grenier. What a find!

Pull out some cold-winter knits from the back of the closet. I realized I never added these to Ravelry, so I took a few photos.

Big dove cowl
A giant garter stitch cowl. I improvised the design.

Chunky Dove Cowl
I used Debbie Bliss Como, which is cashmere soft.

Mini cables hat
Small cables sprinkled on a plain hat. 

Mini cables hat 2
Made out of delish Blue Sky Suri Alpaca. Again, an improvised design.

Hope you do sweet and gentle things this weekend too.