A little bit dotty

While in Soho, I made a pilgrimage to my favourite store, Dosa. Their clothes are entirely hand-stitched and breathtaking (also breathtakingly expensive). Several of their garments were sprinkled with hand-sewn circles. Inspired, I decided to sew my own little bit of whimsy.

Dottie yellow close-up

Dottie high
I pulled out my scraps bag (finally, a use for them).

Dottie horizontal
The background is white and seafoam linen from a skirt I took in, and the yellow circles are bits of Anna Maria Horner voile.

Dottie close-up
I like the wonky little stitches.

Dottie yellow on
I don't know how much I will wear this. It's a tad bit odd, isn't it? I don't have many things in my wardrobe that will go with it. And I'm afraid the white background makes it look like a bandage. Perhaps I'll make a more subdued version for winter. I'm thinking charcoal, black, plum with a little bit of acid green thrown into the mix. I'd also love to make one with a mix of Liberty of London tana lawn.

Anyway, it was great fun to make!