Tea Towel Tour Round 5!

I think this might be my 7th Tea Towel Tour! This is the stitching I did for SarahJ2001:

Roller Coaster Embroidery

Stalking her revealed a love for roller coasters, so I thought this coloring book motif would be perfect.


And because I love it when people do these title motifs, but I never do it myself, here is SarahJ's stitching for her own towel. She says she is new to embroidery, but she did a great job!


In other news, I think we had the H1N1 flu in our house over the weekend. It hit my husband and son hard, but my daughter and I have no symptoms. It was a nasty flu, but it didn't last that long. Turns out there is no real way of knowing if it was the notorious virus going around because they can only test for that when symptoms are just beginning or at their worst, and.. uh... my guys were stuck in the bathroom at that point. In any case, we are on the mend, but we missed some fun Labor Day activities we were looking forward to!