Sad Sad Sofa

My friend Susan is moving this week from Chicago to San Diego. I cannot imagine why! We have glorious, dramatic season changes here, and a lovely lakefront. She sold a lot of her beautiful like new furniture. We got a very nice, long sofa and two classy looking side chairs. We are so happy to be able to banish this horrible sofa to the junk heap.

That's it, outside in the rain. I like to think it is weeping tears of humiliation for being so excessively uncomfortable, and for the upholstery fading well before it should. We will never ever buy from Thomasville again after this expensive travesty. Our experience with this purchase reminds me of the Chevy Vega my parents bought when we were kids, and it was such a horrible car, it ruined us for Chevrolet forever.

We feel much sadder about Susan moving away! Farewell, Susan! Safe Travels!