Craft Social

Felt Flower

Last Friday I went to Craft Social in Chicago. (Actually, it was in Evanston, but nevermind...) There were many crafts to choose from including Embellished Dinner Napkins, Advanced Paper Airplanes, Fabric Coil Bowls, Paper Greeting Cards, and many more. The cost was only $5 and it was really fun!

Felt Flower Bouquet

Since I haven't been stitching, I chose a craft that was familiar to me: Felt and Button Flowers. These are really funky and our teacher had a box of lovely vintage glittery things to use as embellishments.


We noted that the felt was sort of floppy and flimsey, so I stitched together two layers for stability.

Felt Flower Side view

I don't like to make a big thing about men crafting because I think that men are just as creative as women, but here is a man spotted next to me learning to stitch. His creation has a superhero medallion look to it.


The stitcher next to me used velvet ribbon as one of her layers. It looked very sophisticated, but I didn't get a picture!

Funky Felt Flowers

It was fun! I hope they have another Craft Social really soon! I could teach embroidered felt mascots!

Felt Flowers