Computers and Robots

I don't know what happened, but our desktop computer failed the other day and is completely unsalvageable. Be sure that you have your files backed up somewhere! We did backup. Unfortunately the last time was in 2007, so we have a year's worth of photos and all our music files lost on that faulty motherboard. Alas.. We now have to purchase a new computer when we've been saving up for other important large purchases.

We have this horrible little laptop which is something, I suppose...

In any case, I like to post big colorful pictures, so I went back into my Flickr archive and found this felt robot project I made.
Felt Robot

That old camera I used back then was so unreliable! It bugs me that these pics are not quite focused.

I actually made several of these and gave a few out as gifts and shared them in a swap:
Felt Robots

The pattern was from THIS book. I was able to assemble some of the parts with the sewing machine, but the details are handstitched.

Wish us luck on our thrifty-but-powerful computer quest. We are not particularly excited about it.