Creative Blog Feature!

I feel so lucky today to be featured by Kim on Today's Creative Blog!

My article is HERE. Thanks Kim! I'm tickled to be in such talented company! You really should check out all her awesome featured bloggers. Such inspiration! I'm particularly fascinated by people's creative work spaces..


My brain is fried! We are having our first snowstorm and true to my winter biorythms, yesterday I was drowsy all day and wide awake at night so I got to see the weird snow lightning we had. The power went out when I was watching a spooky Korean ghost movie and crocheting... Don't ask me how I read subtitles and crochet at the same time, but it is fortunate that these Korean or Japanese horror movies are always about the same things: ghosts tormenting schoolgirls. Asians don't seem to have the same good vs. evil themes we have in our scary movies. It's always vengeful ghosts. I didn't see the end because the power went out at my house, but I suspect that the ghost was connected in some way to the scared schoolgirl's family past. They always are!

Snow lightening is odd because you can't hear any thunder. Since there was already a white blanket of snow on the ground, it was unearthly urban orangey light outside. Then just as the ghost was scratching at the window in my movie, the sky lit up bright orange like an explosion. I thought we were having some strange fire while the power crackled out. I went and peeked outside and it was that glorious, wonderful silence that you only experience during a snowstorm. All was well by morning although all our clocks are wrong. My kids even seem to fit into their boots from last year and my son has gotten to the wonderful middle-schooler age where they do not require snowpants every day during winter.