Christmas Prep

This time of year is so busy! We try to keep things low key, but I dunno. It is just the time of year when everything happens all at once.

Remember, when things look wonky, another word for that is "charming". Case in point, our star topper:
Wonky star is charming

I don't know about you all, but we didn't adjust that much with our gifts this year. Mostly because we did all that adjusting awhile ago. We don't exchange with nearly as many people as we used to and it is much easier. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make a bunch of things and I don't need to do that. I like the Handmade Pledge and all, but sometimes buying practical things like lotions, lip balm, and socks is really simple and easy and eases the time pressures of the season.

Of course, the season isn't really about the gifts for us. We have fun every night doing Advent readings, singing, and stories with our kids. We've been attending a new church and are happy to see that our children are connecting with the bible stories and theology in nice ways that they haven't before.

Here is a glimpse of some of what I've been making. I can't say what these things are for fear of discovery!

Gift for Mom

The gift below involved lots of little snaps. I am mad at the manufacturer Dritz. I just might boycott them. $2.50 for 7 size 16 (tiny) snaps?!? My friends, that is only 7 halves of the snaps, so in a package you only get 3.5 snaps! *grumble* The Prim company (available at WalMart) charges about $1.50 for an actual full set of 7 snaps. Maybe I'll get my revenge and write an article about snap buying woes at Craft Critique. I ended up using both of those types from the notions stores and found that they are interchangeable and then I ordered a big bunch of different snaps online to use later.

Sewn gifts

I thought I could put away my sewing machine and then I remembered that I wanted to make these:
Luggage tags

Finally, I got a couple of pom pom makers for my birthday this fall. They are so fun! I'm using up my fuzzy acrylic making a stack of them to use on our gifts:
Pom Pom makers are fab!

Overnight tonight we expect a foot of snow with a inch of sleety ice mixed in. I'm about 80% certain my children will not have school tomorrow. I hope to get some baking done! Granola and pumpkin bread! Mmmm... This weekend is our favorite holiday party at John's and our McKee family Christmas. Nana comes on Monday. Yay!