Gadzooks! I really want to rant about my seething hatred for the frozen-faced, scrawny, sexless, speech impaired actress Nicole Kidman, but um... dang.. where is the camera?!

I crocheted some cute thread crochet Cubs logos. Go Cubs! But I have to deal with my camera first.

Seriously, I really hate NK and her ex-husband is no better. She's probably sort of a nice person, but she's ruined every movie she's beeen in (except "To Die For", "Dead Calm" and "Flirting". I liked those from long ago) I've hated Tom Cruise since Risky Business...

These are the things I obsess over when I'm alone in the house. I just accidentally watched "The Invasion" and it was already terrible before they cast Ms. Kidman in the lead role. How does that woman have an Oscar? Her way of acting distressed is to cover her eyes with her bangs since the expression doesn't register on her face anywhere. She is the same age as I am and I don't really have any wrinkles so what is her problem?

So I've ranted anyway... Anyone else have inexplicably popular actors or actresses they avoid watching like the plague?