Tea Towel Tour Round 4

Tea Towel Tour 010

Hooray! It's time for another round of our Tea Towel Tour! Signups are just starting. If your calendar is mostly free to turn around embroidery motifs in about a week (please don't be in the middle of a move or getting married in the next couple of months..) come join in! Sorry, active Craftsters only.... Edited to add: We've been filling up quickly! Our leader is holding open several international spots for embroiderers outside the USA. Don't miss out!

Here's a sampling of Tea Towel Tour stitching posted in our Flickr Group, Tea Towel Tours.
Tea Towel Tours
1. Aloha Baby, 2. Gnome Closeup, 3. doo_leroux's apron, 4. Gingy and the Evil Milk, 5. Tea Towel Tour 3 - Saffron for rectangel, 6. Cowgirl, 7. Puppy & Kitty Towel Extreme Close Up, 8. Tea Towel is Now Home