Have you every felt such anger and frustration that you need to find a quiet place and punch-dance 80's style? Yeah, me neither, but it sure is funny in the movies!

That clip is from Hot Rod which we saw last summer in the theaters and just rented last weekend. It was really funny with goofy laughs throughout. Our kids also thought it was hilarious. It's PG-13, so it is mildly inappropriate. I like the theme of kids (well, these are adults, but they seem like teenagers) working hard on a big project. The cast seems to be having a fun time and we laughed even more than we have at some of Will Farrell's popular movies. SNL's Andy Samberg was great. Even Roger Ebert gave Hot Rod 3 stars.

The 80's music reminded my husband and I that we need to rent Footloose with the original punch-dancing Kevin Bacon:

Flight of the Conchords also paid homage to punch-dancing:

Got any guilty pleasure summer movies to recommend to us? Our Netflix queue is a little bit heavy with classic Japanese cinema lately. The kids aren't really into those..