Birthday Bunting

Happy Birthday to Cutie Girl!


It was yesterday and we celebrated by making a chocolate layer cake with ice cream and berry sauce. She likes to frost her own cake and she has a favorite set of sprinkles to decorate with:


I spent all day making her a last minute decoration This is a progress pic of her bunting (or is this a banner..?) I used the acrylic dyed trim I made a few weeks ago.

Birthday Bunting

I was thinking of putting her name across the bunting, but I ran out of time and now I can use it for other colorful occasions. She came home from summer camp yesterday and dramatically fell on the floor declaring it "GREAT!" but then she asked why it didn't say "Happy Birthday, Emma" Not enough time!

I actually need to do another long one so that they criss-cross our living/dining room area. My son wants one too and I think I'll do a more masculine version with batiks and no cutesy trims. This is a great stash buster project and I think it would look really cute with various sized rectangles. My rectangles are 6 inches by 7 inches not including the seam allowance. You can also do one the traditional way with pennant shaped triangles. The top here is double fold bias tape that came in a package. I used 3 packages for this length of bunting. The rectangles are spaced approximately 3 inches apart, but I didn't worry about accuracy because this is supposed to be playful!

I have a bag of old party decorations from past themed birthdays and the kids like to put them up when they celebrate, so there is an ecclectic mix of stars, rainbows, and butterflies in our birthday house.

We had a fun, simple family celebration for her birthday. The 4 of us went bowling and had pizza. I promised her a kid party later in the summer. I wonder if she'll forget about that promise. The summer is so busy this year...