Rainy Day Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting

It's a rainy Saturday here so I decided to do some machine quilting on one of the tops I recently finished. I tried to use the free motion foot and do flowery swirls but I just don't have the knack for free motion so it's straight lines instead!

The cotton/poly batting I selected requires the quilting to be spaced a maximum of 4 inches apart so I had to add an extra set of lines. Quilting diagonally across each block wasn't close enough.
Machine Quilting

I penciled in little tick marks on the edge of each block and I aimed straight for them with my walking foot. This worked like a charm! My lines aren't always perfectly straight, but that doesn't bother me. This quilt will shrink in the wash and willhave a flat, puckered, vintage look.

Clean out the lint from under your presser foot!

Machine quilting produces lots of lint! I cleaned out under the presser foot 3 times so far. This photo hardly begins to show how much lint is in there.