New Quilt WIP

Katie Jumprope quilt WIP

I bought the whole collection of Katie Jump Rope prints from Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit. I had mostly fat quarters and a few 1/2 yard cuts and some other prints that match well. I cut and cut and cut yesterday and I have more than 200 -6 inch squares and about the same amount of 3 1/4 inch stirps (not pictured) to do 4 patch units. I tried to calculate this all out to get a queen size, but then I just decided to cut everything and work it out later. Maybe I'll even get 2 quilts out of all this!

I'm doing a pattern from the March/April '05 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine called "Carmen's Block". I'm hoping for a scrappy look. I adapted the pattern so that my pieces are larger than the ones in the pattern. I was to showcase the fabrics a little bit more with larger blocks. We'll see how it all looks laid out!

I want very badly to work on this today, but I have to get all my thoughts about Japanese Craft Books in order for my first article in Craft Critique. I'm a terrible procrastinator about assignments... One wise graduate school professor told me not to worry about this kind of work style, because it seems to work for me. I am much more productive when I can amp up my stress levels by procrastinating (of course, I'm always planning everything all along in my head). My dad and I have the same sort of low-key temperment, but my mom and brother are the type who get going on new assignments right away and are on-the-ball about making plans and schedules. Teaching was a great job for me because you really work very independently and you have to set your own personal goals. I don't think that procrastinating means that a person is a low achiever at all. I always earned top grades in school and I was quite successful as a classroom teacher. In the end it all gets done!

How about you? What work style do you use for deadlines? Do you like schedules, or do you think scheduling your life just makes it more stressful? I'm curious about other people's styles..