Jumprope Quilt

Kaatie Jumprope Quilt layout

It's going to be fun and scrappy and a little bit retro. I love it! I think I said something about working in more subtle colorways for a change, but what can I do? I am drawn to high contrast playfulness.... If I was into garment sewing, I can say that Free Spirit fabrics would be excellent choices. This cotton is very soft and light.

After all that talk about procrastination the other day... I finished writing my Craft Critique article yesterday and it is several days early. When I get started on something I often do not quit until it is finished.

Next weekend is Mother's Day and mom and I talked our husbands into taking us to the Amish country in Indiana. It is a fabric and antique shopper's dream. I'm so excited! More fabric! I feel like I can justify purchasing some because I have actually been making quilts lately. The guys and the kids will probably watch sports, read books and swim at the waterpark/swimming pool.

We're going to see Iron Man now! I'll tell you how it is. (EDIT: It was very good, although far fetched as comic book movies usually are. It was really not a family movie, but we weren't the only family in the theater. My daughter thought it was good but she really didn't understand it. My husband and son give it two thumbs up.)