Gnome Embroidery

I did a disgruntled gnome for my last tea towel in my swap on Craftster. Actually it was a colorful apron for Always Inspired. He's not disgruntled for any particular reason. He's just a gnome and that's how they roll.
Gnome Embroidery

I wanted to use unusual and bright colors for this one. It occurred to me that I have never seen a red and white mushroom like the ones you always see on fabrics. Is it that they don't grow like that in my region?

Mushroom Embroidery

This is a pattern by Andrea Zuill also known as BadBird. Click HERE to download it for yourself.

(edited to add: The magic of google showed me tons of photos of the famous red with white dots mushroom. I'll probably have to search really hard to find a blue one with purple dots.)