Sleep Masks

This morning I made His and Hers sleep masks for my husband and me. He picked out the fabric he liked from my stash (the stash in the active pile in the dining room) and I chose the pink on pink because those are my favorite shades and pink is flattering on me. Yes, that is a prerequisite even for a sleep mask.

Sleep masks

Here are the undersides with more great fabric:
Slep Masks- Lining
We really need these, because I get migraines and I have to lie quietly for a few hours in the dark and migraines can come day or night. My husband goes to sleep before I do and I always need to watch tv, stitch, or read before I can get to sleep, so he uses a mask.

The pattern was a truly easy one from the book "Amy Butler's In Stitches". My mother-in-law got me this book last Christmas and while I've drooled over the projects for a long time, this is my first project so far. It was very easy and I even fired up the walking foot on my sewing machine to do the quilted outside section of the mask.
Nice sewing book

Anyone else read the Martha Stewart 's blog? It's called The Martha Blog which always confuses me because I know an actual person named Martha who also has a terrific blog. I read blogs through Google Reader and the banners don't come up, so it's easy to get confused. Seriously... there have been so many times I read The Martha Blog and think, "Gee, Martha (the friend) seems a little bit young to have a nephew who is a successful opera singer." or "What the heck is Martha doing with so many equestrian blankets she has a pile to give to charity?"

It is refreshing to see that Martha Stewart has trouble with lighting in her photos just like I do. See HERE or HERE. At first I was pretty sure that Martha Stewart didn't really have anything to do with that blog, but now I think maybe she actually does take the pictures, but someone else fiddles with all the writing and uploading of photos and such. I'm not sure...

Anyway, yesterday I read this utterly absurd post by Martha S: My fabric Collection and How I Organized It. She had an underling wrap all he fabric bolts in white paper and cellophane. The are labeled with a little photo, but mostly look all white and sterile. What is the point of having a fabric collection if you can't see and touch the fabrics? Where is the rush when you pull out a sample and take in it's glorious expanse of color and pattern? Although I am domestic, I am sooo not Martha Stewart, but I do enjoy her blog and TV show when I can catch it.