March Madness

So do you all get into the NCAA men's basketball brackets with your friends? We do and let me tell you, it is a sweet, sweet victory to choose teams virtually at random and do well in a bracket pool against people who do tons of research and obsess over the sports pages. My children enter and for 2 years in a row, one or the other of them has made the top 5 in our group of about 20 participants. My now 7-year old daughter picks schools based on the appeal of their school name. We are getting a few more of our friends to go ahead and get into it with us. Winner gets to be first in line for bratwurst at our summer cabin weekend in Wisconsin. Here's the message in my inbox from Kat:

Ok, I am going with the Emma/Sam style of reasoning...have I been to or near the named state/place? Which is the prettier name? I would like a butler, so I will choose Butler. Kim and Jim are from Kansas, so I will pick Kansas. Cornell puts out cool internet ornithological info such as birdsongs and id's, so that trumps that my brother went to Stanford, etc. etc. Fun!

My husband and I attended Indiana University back in 1987 when they won the tournament under legendary Coach Bob Knight (who by the way, hates the press, but is now a new, entertaining commentator for ESPN) therefore we feel this is the greatest moment ever in sports history: