Voting Day

My blogging has really slowed down. I love winter, but late January and February is when winter malaise hits me. I'm thinking about getting more full spectrum lightbulbs in the house because I heard they help.

We made it to Super Tuesday! Don't forget to vote if you live in one of the states in the USA voting today!
My dad serves as the election judge at his precinct and election day is his favorite. He likes to chat up all his neighbors old and new that show up at the polls. Being an election judge is truly a marathon that starts at dawn and doesn't end until well after the polls have close and the votes are counted.

In many ways, I think voting in primaries is more significant than voting in the general election because the primary is where we can have a voice in the direction our party takes. Here in highly corrupt Illinois politics we've seen many honest, hardworking candidates lose in the primaries because they don't have a political machine backing them. I personally don't think there is such a thing as "throwing your vote away" on an underdog candidate.

That said, my candidate is a front runner. My darling husband votes in the other primary and would like them to stay true to their ideological principles.

Thanks to you all who had advice for me about the rosacea makeup. I'm going to try one of the brands of the mineral stuff although "all natural" isn't always good. Poison ivy is natural, but I wouldn't use in on my skin. I found THIS product from Maybelline. It is quite inexpensive. I have to put it on right after the moisturizer so it isn't too dry on my skin.....

Back to our regularly scheduled crafting soon. I pledge to take some photos today of the cute pouches I'm working on for my shop.

Some of these cheerful sunny pouches have already sold, but the purple and yellow one is available.

Sunny Pouches