Vintage McCalls Felt Craft Book

I've been totally addicted to Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii. Hubby is too, so our game playing time is doubled while we both have to beat the game and save Princess Peach. I'm almost there!

Meanwhile, here is a book from my Flickr archive. This was one I inherited from my Grandma N's craft stash. It could be that this came from my Mom too, because I'm pretty sure she crafted from it:. It's called, "Have Fun With Felt". Yes, thank you! I think I will! The copyright dates are from 1966-1973. The assembly of the projects here is typically just glue.

McCalls felt book

Here are some funky, graphic felt bags:
McCalls Felt p.13

These are cute too:
McCalls Felt p.15

My brother and I had these Christmas stockings. They hung on our bedroom doors and we'd get an extra little gift on Christmas morning up in our rooms. I think my mom made these, but they eventually got damaged in our basement storage area.
McCalls Felt p.59

People are still crafting little birdies like these:
McCalls Felt p.47

Here's the pattern for you to try out:
McCalls Felt- Birdie

Likewise, monkeys have never lost their appeal:
McCalls Felt p.45

Faces on veggies:
McCalls Felt p.35

I usually don't include patterns, but here is a little photo of the veggies. You'll have to enlarge them:
McCalls Felt - Veggies

I'm thinking about Valentines Day crafts too. My daughter has a plan for the ones she wants to make for school.