Doughnuts and Rankin/Bass

Jelly doughnuts sounded like a better idea than they actually were. Oh well. I've always wanted to make them and now I have!

Overheard in the kitchen: "I hope I don't get one with the jelly in it..." I'll stick to regular doughnuts next time...or cream puffs... Those are easier and really delicious.

I'm feeling kind of badly that I'm not really crafting for gifts this year. I've done a few ornaments to give away, but other than that, I've given myself a pass this year. Fall was a bit heavy on the crafting for me with 2 craft shows and a couple of swaps to co-organize. I didn't even take the Handmade Pledge. I do handmade so much all year that I guess I need a pass this time. I also don't want to dictate to my loved ones that they have to do handmade if that isn't their thing. We always exchange treats and cookies and that definitely counts as handmade.

So this week they've been showing those Rankin/Bass Christmas specials on television. Maybe we have the writer's strike to thank for this nostalgic programming. When I was a young kid in the 1970s, when these television specials aired every kids watched them and talked about them at school the next day. My own children don't seem to be as excited about them, but here is my favorite scene from "A Year Without a Santa Claus". I honestly used to cry at the end of Frosty the Snowman when he melted away. My dad reassured me: "Don't be sad, Susie. He'll be back again someday."

I need to add this song to our holiday song sheets. Maybe we are total geeks, but Christmas Eve, we sit under the tree and sing all the Christmas Carols we know. My parents and their friends are church choir people and its something of a tradition. The singing of my totally tone deaf, rhythm impaired husband is officially "charming".