December 1

It's snowing and the weather is appropriately cozy for this time of year. I sent my kids out in their snowpants to clean up their toys from the yard (yes we are procrastinators, and a little bit messy...)

Happy Birthday to our beloved Nana!

Here's the garland that I made from the pattern by Jenny B. If we had a mantle, I'd hang it from there, but this ledge is where our advent wreath will go and the staircase ledge is where the stockings hang. Our house is one where Santa has to come in the front door...

Felt Garland

Felt garland detail

I used a variety of vintage style red buttons on the little pouches. Now I'm making the little fabric trees posted at The Small Object. So cute, but I have to go down into the depths of the basement to get the best fabric combinations from my stash.

The maid service cost a small fortune. Such a luxury! It was money well spent and I'm really in the Christmas Spirit now.