YesAsia Order Delivered!

I've been watching the door since October 25 when my order from YesAsia finally shipped. Yesterday was the big day and there on the front stoop was my package! HOORAY!

I ordered 9 books as a birthday present to myself. All of these are good ones too!

Here is ISBN9784529042659. It is mostly felt food patterns. I recognize some of the things from our felt food swap on Craftster:

Here is a page from that book. Felt hot dog and hamburger:
ISBN9784529042659 detail1 I want to make one of those hot dogs,but mine will be Chicago style with no onions. I don't know how one could do celery salt with felt.. I'd have to work that out....

I think this little book is the one that was holding up my order. ISBN4834764419 ISBN4834764419

Just look at the sweet little projects here:
ISBN4834764419 detail2

That's just a peek. I have more photos in my flickr file HERE, and I may blog some more of them later.

This afternoon we have a Brownie meeting. I'm one of the leaders, but the thing with co-leaders is that we sort of assume the others are planning and then we realize at the 11th hour that we aren't quite ready...