New Camera!

Yay! Thanks to my hubby for getting me just what I wanted for my birthday including a homemade chocolate cake with raspberries. My daughter picked out a funky necklace at the craft show and my son got me Simpsons dvds that we can watch together.

New Camera

Photo taken with my old camera.... I thought I wanted a nice SLR, but maybe changing lenses isn't really my thing. This one has better more user friendly settings than my old one. We actually did some research and this one has some top ratings. Hopefully it can take brighter more detailed shots!

and completely outside of crafting... Roger Ebert says this video is the greatest YouTube video of all time. See if you can name all the movies. Roger did, sort of... from his AnswerMan column: "I got them all. Not always by title, of course. A lot of them I correctly identified as, 'Oh, yeah, that movie!' "

I'm pretty sure I've seen all 100 of those movies, or at least 90 of them. How about you?