Etsy Shop is up!

Finally! I opened my Etsy Store! Click HERE to see! I'm at Special thanks to my friend novastarlet. She helped me with the banner.

I only have one listing though... I put up my Robot tote. This tote is one of the favorite things I've ever made and it is a very good size too. I hope it sells, but it will be very hard to part with him.

Click HERE for the listing. I'm hoping to add some crochet flowers today too and a smaller monkey tote. Yesterday I got every wool sweater they had at the Salvation Army store to make more totes. Unfortunately, I think I only got about 8 sweaters. I'm really in the mood to work with wool right now!

Business cards are on their way from the printer. For the moment, I'm only going to ship to the USA and I'm only accepting Paypal.