Purse Applique

I made myself a new purse after finally doing a little bit o stash building at my Local Quilt Shop. I love 30's and 40's vintage prints so I had them cut me some fat quarters.
Felt Peach Applique

Here is a progress pic of that purse. It is quite bright. The pattern is in a Japanese book
Purse in Progress

I was going to use red instead of orange on the peach, but it just didn't look right so I switched to orange and it came together. I have actually finished the purse and have been carrying it around, but I do need to take a final photo of it.

Here's what I made with some of the rest of that vintage style stash building fabrics:
2007 09 13 003_edited-1
Tissue paper holders! I even had my 7 year old daughter make one for herself. Hers is with a cute purple fabric. She did a great job, but only wanted the machine to move at a snail's pace. I did the ironing for her...

You can find the free pattern HERE. The only extra thing I did was make them boxy by doing that extra gusset on the edges. Click HERE for a good tutorial on square gussets. The bottoms of my little embroidered pouches also have the same square bottoms.