Owpen Box of Chocolits

Am I the only one who feels that crafting for men is like being trapped in the 7th Circle of Hell?

I finished my manly project, but thank God he's married because embroidered napkins are the kinds of things a wife figures out how to use. (Sexist, I know... but you know what I mean.) I'll share that epic project later. I like the actual crafting, it's just all the doubt that the man will like the frivolous stitchy things I make...

My sweetie daughter drew this for me:

Box of Chocolates
It's a "box of coclit" Shes a good reader, but the spelling is still coming.

Open Box of Chocolates
Here's the "Owpen box of coclits"

Yummy! My husband actually did come home one day last week with an actual box of delicious bon-bons. He has never done this, ever. He wanted me to try them out to see if they were good enough to give his customers. I can handle that job! They passed with flying colors. I'd love to have a side career as a treat tester...