Felt Squirrel

We had a great vacation up at a cabin in the northern coast of Wisconsin at the Apostle Islands. I brought some felt and stuff to make mascots for a swap while we were gone. Nana even made a cute little hamster and my daughter did a flowery heart. My son did not suddenly decide to become crafty, he was pretty interested in rock collecting and rock skipping with his dad.

Here's what I made for Peachcake. I was inspired by our northwoods surroundings on our trip. Every morning I was awakened by the chattering of a squirrel in a beautiful pine tree outside my window. I'd peek out at him and see our little cove on Lake Superior.... Ahh.....
Squirrel Swap Mascot 003

Here's his bio. My daughter thought up all the details:
Squirrel Swap Mascot 005
I drew the tree myself, but Mr. Squirrel and his mushroom are from this book ISBN 4834755894: isbn4834755894 Felt Mascot book