Quilt Under Construction

Star Quilt Progress

I made some progress this week on my star quilt. Here's 2 stars finished. I have 18 more to go. They do go together quickly and all the seams are matching up so far, so that makes my life easier. My thread keeps breaking for some reason. Some days I wish that sometime in my life I'd taken a sewing class and I might know what to do about that. I cleaned things out and got a new needle, but it still happens when I go off the fabric at the ends of the little units.

Here you can see all the "flying geese" star points all finished and waiting to be sewn into blocks. Behind my sewing place (um... dining room) is a big window to the backyard. Yesterday, the breeze blew in and the birds were actively chattering all day. It was lovely.
Star Quilt Progress 3

I've got lots of colorful scraps leftover from cutting the fat quarters. I think there's enough to make a few doll quilts or a baby quilt. I'm going to have my daughter help me sew these.
Star Quilt Progress 5

Here at our house, we've been sickish for several weeks. I must be getting better, because I did some spring cleaning yesterday and cleared out the closets of all the clothes that don't fit or are old and worn. My closet is the emptiest now. It feels great to get rid of all that stuff I haven't worn in ages. Hubby learned during this process that he has plenty of clothes. His side of the closet has about twice as much as mine...

I'm almost done with another embroidered tea towel for my swap. I just have to do a little face and I'll post a pic of it. It's a cute motif.