Swap package

Hooray! My swap package from Mariska finally arrived! She also sells at etsy. Click here for her photo of this darling Isabel duckie.

Mariska explains: "I found Isabel in my garden. She was busy collecting all the flowers to make her a nice home." It turns out that she is bored with the flowers in The Netherlands and wants to live with me. (Part of the fun of these swaps is making a backstory for your creation)

Sadly, here in Chicagoland USA, the temperatures are freezing and I only have a few pitiful bulbs coming up so far.

Here Isabel is helping me start my seeds. I like to plant zinnias and canterbury bells. They seem to be able to survive the hot dry Augusts we get around here.

The package came with other fun things like KinderEggs which I think are Chocolate eggs with toys inside. My kids are going to get them for Easter. There is also some fuzzy chicks and some shrink wrap egg decorations we'll have to test out at Nana's this weekend.

Check out this cute Japanese item. I gather from the packaging that these are available in a variety of scenes. She sent me a swimming duck. I can't read what it says, but it is probably something adorable.

We had some angst over a long postal delay, but swapping internationally is really fun. Thanks Mariska!

**Mariska informs me that the ducks head and the fish go on the underside of this decoration. You can't see them under there, but knowing they are down there makes this thing even cuter than before.**
** I am also informed by Kat that these Japanese scenes are called "Chibi Gallery" and there are many scenes available. Super cute! Come to think of it, I've heard of Chibi Gallery. Here are more scenes.

**Mariska Posted the pattern for this duckie. Click here.