Fabric Stack

Fabric Stack 1, originally uploaded by IamSusie.

These are fabrics from a kit I bought at the Chicago Quilt Festival. Normally I don't go for kits, but it's been so long since I've made a quilt, I thought getting a bunch of coordinated fabrics would jump start me. The kit was for a child quilt so I added some fabrics from my stash to have enough to get a lap quilt from it.

It's going to be this pattern. I have had trouble doing this type of star in the past. I did it for a friend's baby quilt. On this pattern however, notice how the genius designer made the star tips just a little bit away from the seam so I don't have to worry about sewing through the tips of the stars? Non-quilters will have no idea about this, but trust me.. I think this one will go together pretty nicely.

I already cut out most of the colors. My daughter wants me to teach her how to sew the leftover scraps into a doll quilt. I think she's ready...

And here's some links:

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And I'm still waiting for my package to arrive, but check out the felt food swap gallery we did on Craftster. People made amazing packages. The swap thread is about 16 pages long, but if you click on the blue tab that says "Show Images Only" you can see the pictures only without all our chitchat and encouragements.