Happy Spring Felt

Felt Froggies! They are so happy together! I use 2 strands of embroidery floss and a blanket stitch. I like to use contrasting thread when I hand stitch. It looks more like an outline tht way. I do use fabric glue for the eyes.

This week I finally made a real commitment to feltcraft by ordering wool/rayon felt yardage from an online source. I'm tired of waiting for JoAnns to stock up. The more I use acrylic felt, the more I detest working with it. Even my scissors rebel and don't like cutting through the synthetic fibers. The green felt I used for the frogs is this terrific stuff from my grandma's stash. I think it's maybe some kind of cotton/rayon blend but I'm not sure. It's so smooth and wonderful. **sigh**

I like making seasonal felt envelopes. These are the ones I made for a swap on Craftster. I like the way they all look together. Everything is cuter in a giant pile don't you think?

I tested using paper punches for the flowers and it worked out great although you do have to use some muscle. Acrylic refuses to be punched so I gave up on it... I've got some other felt envelope designs but they are a secret until my swap partner receives them.

What a bad photo.. Sorry! These were the first felt mascots I ever made. Last Easter I made a pile and gave them out inside little plastic eggs instead of candy. The were a cute little Easter surprise. I always stitch little mascots like these onto barrettes for my daughter.